free games for android phones

Top Free Android Games For Android Phones

You can find lots of options when it comes to picking out the best games for your android devices but it takes some time while choosing the perfect choice for your device. To be honest, I am tired of playing usual temple run and angry bird games on my device. Frankly, I can’t understand why many leading websites not mentioning about other best games out there? Really, I do know some best android games and it is a pure time killer. So I decided to came across this situation and help you to find best top free android games.

free games for android phones

Here are the free games for android phones that surely make you additive!

  • WordzUp
  • Robo Defense
  • Bebbled
  • Newton
  • Drop
  • Air control
  • Nightmares from the deep


Literally, this was my first game on my android device and I loved this game so much. I hope that you do enjoy this game and this is designed like a Boggle where you have to find the words in a cube of mixed up letters. My son never fails to play at least an hour in this game and especially when I came from office, surely I should hand over my phone to him! I have to buy a tablet or any other android device to get rid of this situation.

Robo Defense

I guess most of the people are familiar with this game because it is one of the best tower defense games on android. This game has stunning graphics and the interface is smooth. It has totally 120 levels and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to finish a level. It comes under the category of best android adventure games.


It is one of the free games for android phones and it is a standard gem shuffling stuff. The players have to eliminate the linked gems so that you can earn points and combos to increase the points.


Newton is a challenging game, in that you have to line up the shots at the target. In this game you have to consider the laws of natures such as pushers, pullers, traps and mirrors are the things never lets you to shot the target. You have to tackle them in order to finish the level.


Drop is a classical game for your android device. In order to play this game you have to enable the accelerometer. By tilting and balancing your device, you have to handle the ball to win the levels.

Air control

This game is one of my favorite games and in this game; you have to play a character of air traffic controller. You have to guide the planes in order to land in the safe track and make sure no flights should crush.

Nightmares from the deep

This is one of the best android adventure games and it is an award winning game due to its fascinating game play. I guess most of the people don’t have this game on their device because they don’t know about it. Frankly, this is an awesome android adventure games and you will definitely love this game.

That’s it! Hope you have enjoyed this article even if you have any suggestion then you can mention that in the comment box.