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Top 10 Best Free Games For Android – What Are They

The game is the best-needed part of your android phone. Nowadays, most of the best gaming computers include wide variety of the top android games free. Playing best free games for android are the best way for killing your time. There are lots and lot of android games app available in the market today. Therefore, the person may have the doubt on to download which one. This article tells you about some of the top 10 free android games, read and know what those games are.

best free games for android

 Speed Racing:

  • It is the critically claimed best free games for android that is available today. This game can be played easily by simply tilting your mobile phone for steering left and to right.
  • You can simply touch the screen to increase the speed of the game. It includes the features of collecting the gold coins to buy the new cars.
  • It also includes visual stunning and this game is built mainly for its speediness.

My Fish Tank

  • This magical fish tank is the top android games free and in this game, you can feed the fishes.
  • After the contacts of your mobile phones, you can name these fishes in order to send messages to these fishes by simply clicking on the related fishes.
  • Whenever the fishes are hungry, you need to feed and if they in sickness, you should buy medicines for them.

Classic Simon:

  • This is best one among top 10 free android games, which is liked mostly by the kids. This game will exhibit some sounds and colors that need to repeat them in a correct order.
  • This game is fun for adults also and you can kill the time by playing this game by simply downloading in your android mobile phones.

Jewellust lite:

  • The next top android games free are the Jewellust lite and it is the puzzle type game that is liked mostly by thousands of the people.
  • You can simply download this game if you are fun lover of best android puzzle game.

Chess for Android

  • This game is the most excellent chess app for your android phone. You can play the various levels of this game that is a best self admiration-boasting match.
  • If you like to play chess, then this game should be first on your games list.


  • This best free games for android is just like old school boggle game. By using the 25 letters of standard block that is 5 x 5 square, you have to wind and create words as much as possible.
  • This game provides you with total amount of potential words.


  • When this game was published in newspaper, the Sudoku game has took the world by its popularity.
  • This game includes many skill levels and it provides excitement in each level. This is the top android games free.

Traffic Jam Free

  • This is one among the top 10 free android games, which is comparable to the slide puzzles. The main object in this game is to catch the yellow car out from the traffic jam.
  • This android puzzle game has more than 500 levels. Each level provides excitement and thrills to you.

Bubble Blast 2:

  • Bubble Blast 2 is the popular android puzzle game, this game is extremely addictive and it is said to be the personification that you need in the android game.
  • This game has more than the 1500 levels and you can experience the fun by playing this game.


  • You can start this best free game for android with four fundamental elements like water, fire, air and earth.
  • The main goal in this is to create the new the new elements by combining these four basic elements.