top rated pc games

The Best New PC Games For You

Games are always something that is entertaining. Some play games in their laptops whereas some play in their Personal Computers. As you see, For every gamer it is important to know the best new PC games because if anyone has gaming as their hobby then certainly it is necessary to know exactly what game is at the top and is there any new games arrived at market and so on. If the gamers update themselves about top rated PC games then best new PC games then he can easily console with the right games.

If you supposed to know the best new PC games then do not worry about that because you are in the right place to know all gaming stuffs. Here I have presented some top rated PC games that is listed by game folks voting and eventually me also played that games and its worth that rates!

top rated pc games

OK check on the list!

Five top rated PC games

  • Cross of Dutchman
  • Grant theft Auto V
  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising
  • Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Grant theft Auto V

This game is one of the best new PC games and it is boosted with high-end graphical sequence. As all we know that GTA V is set on Los Santos but Rockstar eventually decided to move on with Los Angeles! However, it does not spoil its contribution! It brought down stunning features as like the previous versions (Vice City and San Andreas). If you not yet tried this game then please do not try this because it is so addict able and even me looking for right game to replace this one.

Cross of Dutchman

This is an action adventurous game! However, this game is molded from Fable 3 where you can find many legends track in this game.  The game contributes on Western Europe and spots their locations there. The game has terrific story line, which brought you to the fantasy world.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

As you are ninja fan then this game absolutely suits you. This is one of the newest PC games where in this game you have to act quickly and can meet various sword plays. The game has a stunning new look, the Game play is smooth, and it will definitely bring a new experience for the gamers.

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Of course, it is been impossible to list the best new games without shooting games. This is a developed by Ubisoft and it brings a modern combat plot-line in their game. The game has many exciting features and it involved in demented violence and so on.

The darkness 2

Another fabulous game comes under shooting type. It is developed by 2K Games and the game provides mystic forces for the central character. In the game players can grab, slash the enemies with the demon arms. The game has a epic virtual screen hence players can realize the real time experience.

Hope all these games never fail to kill your time so then why you are waiting? Do not kill your time here go and explore your fantasy gaming world.