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List Of Free Educational Games For Kids

By teaching some of the fun providing games, you can keep your child engaged and busy. As almost all the kids like to play, the following article lists you some of the fun and free kids educational games that you can play along with them.

free educational games for kids

Learning Fruits and Flowers:

  • The first free educational games for kids include learning fruits and flowers. Using the books for making your child to understand about the fruits will be difficult.
  • Instead of this, you can use some of the natural toys for these or real fruits will helps to understand easily.
  • The children will show more attention to these real ones than the images and the books.
  • Ask your child to identify what they are where as the similar manner can be used for flowers and vegetables too.

Learning Animals and Birds:

  • This is one among childrens educational games but you cannot make the natural birds or animals to let your child to identify it.
  • Therefore, you can use the toys of birds and animals to make them to know about it. All the children love to play with the toys, so you can use this occasion for easily making them to identify the name of the birds and animals.

Letter Learning:

  • Letter learning is the free kids educational games include the simple activity for your kids. You can teach the single letter for one day or else even for one week.
  • Use stickers or the letter hangouts around the house. This letter leaning can include teaching of their own names or father, mother and grandparents name.
  • At the end of the free educational games for kids, sure they would have become well versed with these names.

Sing the Letter Order:

  • This game is the best one of all the childrens educational games. Teach the young ones in the letter order as teacher used to do in the preschool.
  • Sing the ABC song along with them or else you can listen to the online games in internet and you can use the same letter order for teaching them.

Learning Numbers:

  • Letter learning can be done by using the images of the letters. The free educational games for kids include this letter learning and it can also be done by making them to count the things or something present in and out the house.

Learning colors:

  • Free kids educational games of learning colors can be taught to your child by using the paintbrush, watercolors, towel and water.
  • You can ask them to choose the color they desire from the color tray and ask them to paint in their hands and the feet.
  • Therefore, you can take the prints of their feet and palms on the white sheet, and then ask them to guess what the color is.
  • This will be bringing great fun as well as gives eagerness for them to do this game. It also helps then to learn about some of the colors.

Hunting down Shapes:

  • You can have the scavenger hunt on learning shapes in the childrens educational games. Have two set for every shape.
  • You can keep one hided somewhere inside the house and show the other shape that you have with you.
  • Now, you can ask your preschooler to hunt the other set of shape that was hided inside the house. This will make them to get excited on playing this game.