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Know About – “What Is Web Server”

As I hear from many people, they frequently queried about web server and its functionality. I guess most people cannot get the right definition of web server so I decided to make an end for your confusion in this article.

What is web server- overview?

Web server, it is just a program using HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). It is designed by considering the client/ server model and with the web server one can create a web page and clients can forward a request web server to visualize the web page. As you see, every internet connection on a computer that should contain web server program so that they can send request and receive a proper response from the server.

linux web server

Here I listed the two famous web servers that lead the internet world:

  • Apache
  • IIS

For your information, Apache is the most familiar and widely used web server. Nevertheless IIS (internet information server) also a famous one and it is developed by Microsoft.

For different platform, various web servers are used such as Novell’s web server that is for its Netware operating system then Lotus Domino servers that are primary for IBM customers.

Mostly web servers are used for internet packages such as for downloading, serving e-mail, building and publishing web pages and so on.

Before choosing a web server people must know the benefits of different web servers and then they can move towards them. For example you should look forward for some server side programs to handle your server effectively and you should also look for security characteristic then in addition make sure that web server whether offer site building tools or not.

How about Linux web server

Most people prefers Linux web server for handling their internet process and it is one of the familiar web server around internet atmosphere.

One of the main advantages of Linux web server is, it is easy to handle and also you does not require huge bucks for maintaining your web server hence you can realize the cost effective solutions.

However, it is not like windows because windows bangs with extreme graphical interface and it offer many plug-in for extra additional programs! Nevertheless, the power of windows failed against Linux web servers.

However, the extreme power of Linux virtual server is briefed in the following section. Have a look on it and understand the power of the Linux!

As you see, Linux is a robust and versatile operating system that allows you to customize your needs in the program. The Linux virtual server is an open-source and therefore anyone can utilize the application. The scripting engines and server software are easily available in internet and you can use that at free of cost.  But as you see Microsoft, they offer all their services for extreme amount and they follows the pay and play business strategy.