Fun android games

Best Time Killer Games on Android Phones

We all know that, android devices are perfectly suited for games hence it must be a required thing in every android devices, right? Gaming is a best way to kill your time in funniest way. I guess most of the people stuck while searching for best fun android games because it is not easy to find the right one rather you can find millions of games on internet. So let’s break this issue and I would like to suggest you some funniest and oddest android games that will definitely entertain you.

Fun android games

Following are some best fun android games:

  • My Fish Tank
  • Fake crack
  • Collapse
  • Pinch the cockroach

My Fish Tank                                                    

Though this game is funny but the theme of the game really impress you. Now what you have to do is, you have to feed fishes in a magical fish tank until the fishes are evolved into a colorful seabed. Even you can name your fishes and can assign a contact detail for a fish so that you can send message to the contact by clicking the related fish.

You need to need the fishes when they are hungry and you should buy medicine and feed them when they are sick. Likewise there are many funny stuffs are there in this game. However, it is not an easy job to raise a real fish hence download this game and build a wonderful fish tank.

Fake crack

If you like to play a joke on your friend then Fake crack is must for you! I just want to say you that, this game is really a fun game that enables you to break your device screen virtually when you pressed by finger. When you touch the screen then you can visualize a crack appeared on the screen along with the creaking sound. All it looks like a real instant and you can show your friends and pretend them by showing this until they are sad. Then finally, you can trick them by saying about this game. Have fun!


Yet another fun android game is Collapse. In this game you can find various animals coming up line by line from the bottom of the screen even some animals linked to each other. The players have to click the linked animals in order to eliminate them. Your ultimate goal is to prevent the animals not reaches the top of the screen. To your time and not let the animals to reach the top hence if you for certain period then you are hired to next level with some difficult challenges.

Pinch the cockroach

This is one of the cool games for android and your goal is to kill all the cockroaches by touching it. There is a certain limited period for each level by considering that dead end you have to kill the cockroaches. The level ends up when the time is escaped and by your accuracy level the scores are calculated. The sound of the game makes it interesting and exciting!
That is all people! You can download these games on android market or through android websites. Also if you found any cool games for android then share with the other gamers in comment box.