best notebook computer

Best Notebook Computers You Can Get Right Away

Computers are outdated now and today notebook computers are into fashion. This article lists you some of the best notebook computers. Apart from the best notebook computers, we will also make a comparison of notebook vs laptop and literally tell you the best. Let us look about in detail.

best notebook computer

Notebook vs Laptop – What You Must Know?

As time passes, laptops get even smaller. Laptops, notebooks and mobile versions are more of like typical desktop computers. Despite the fact, there is a massive difference between a notebook and a laptop.

  • Notebook: It refers to portable computer that is smaller from a laptop in size. However, it has greater battery-life when compared to a laptop. They are named as notebooks for the reason that they are small and literally appear as notebook. A Notebook computer is typically cheaper from a laptop as it comprises fewer features when compared to laptops.
  • Laptop: It refers to small computer that is portable and is much close to desktop PC. The software, performance and speed everything is similar to desktop PC but the only difference is that it runs on a battery. Some expensive laptops are built with the  high end technologies.
  • Notebook vs Laptop: Notebooks today beat even the laptops in terms of size. Notebooks are pretty smaller when compared to laptops. They can be easily carried anywhere at any time. The cooling structure is designed in a way to sufficiently cool all the components. Laptops have detailed cooling structures and it will tolerably cools laptop even during high performance situations. Yet notebooks classically use slower, smaller and reduced heat producing components. Therefore, one does not have the need for excessive cooling systems. The laptop’s battery life usually falls between the range 2 and 3 hours whereas when we talk about notebooks, their battery life ranges between six and ten hours. Talking about processing, laptops win every time. Laptops are bigger than notebooks. Therefore, it always has faster, bigger and powerful components to enhance the process. If you literally are looking forward to mobile powerhouse, it is good option to go with a notebook else better to have a laptop.
  • While comparing Notebook vs Laptop, which one is better? Overall if you require mobility as well as something that is easy to carry then better to get a notebook. If you want to do some sort of serious job, get a laptop. In conclusion, both are good and it completely depends on your requirements and kind of job you perform.

Best Notebook Computers

  • Sony Vaio Duo-11: Sony is a massive brand that does not need any introduction. The price of this laptop is US-$1,500. It has a massive screen with staggering power. It comes with QWERTY keyboard that gives top connectivity with internet.
  • HP Envy x2: HP as well as is one of the biggest companies in technology field that costs you about US-$640. It has an exclusive design with good performance. It is a laptop come tablet. Therefore, it is hybrid and this is why it can be used as a tablet as well as laptop.
  • Samsung Smart PC Pro: One of the biggest players in technology market has launched this Ultra book for enhanced performance. It has a very sensitive touch and you can even use a stylus on it.
  • Lenovo Ideal Pad: It is a very attractive design and evenfalls under your budget. It is priced at $400. It performs all the tasks very easily and is one of the best notebook computers to browse and watch High Definition movies.