Best multiplayer android games

Best Multiplayer Android Games You Should Know

Nowadays mobile gaming provides different experiences for users and it has been getting more and more popular due to the arrival of trendy smart phones and tablet computers. These trendy devices are featured with android operation system hence the gaming can be made easily with android. The android operating system has numerous apps and games so it’s been always a time killer process while searching the best games for android phones. Therefore, by concerning this I have decided to list the best games.

Best multiplayer android games

However, I heard from many people that, they are bored of usual single player games and they are likely to move on with multiplayer games. The multiplayer games brings much enjoyment than single player games, this is because you can get a better competitive to make a way towards yourself. While playing with someone you can share your thoughts and many stuffs about the games then it brings lots of joyfulness.

You can find must have android games on internet and you can make use of them to kill your time effectively in a fun way. No matter how far you are, the multiplayer game searches a player and links him with you!

Following are some best multiplayer android games- Top three best games for android phones

  • Cestos
  • Parallel Kingdom
  • Gang Wars

There are considered as the must have android games for your device. Let us see these in brief manner:


It is a multiplayer game in that you have to control the marbles and players can determine the velocity of the marbles in order to handle them. If the players are blocked in their route then the marbles are released simultaneously at the same time. The ultimate goal of the game is to avoid falling through the pits and hidden mines.  If you have a high skill in strategy games then this game perfectly suits you! The interesting factors of the game are; you can customize the marble avatar and even you can join in public chat lobby that lets you to interact with people who are from various regions.

Parallel kingdom

This is one of the best multiplayer android games and it is a mixture of role-playing and strategies. It uses the GPS location that tends to put you on the virtual world. In fact, it is a free game though it offers all kind of excited and fun features as like the paid games.

Gang wars

The Gang war is an entertaining multiplayer game that runs in all android devices and even in iPhone. The theme of the game is to finish off the objectives and it helps to gain experience points i.e., XP. This XP’s are used to upgrade the game in order to discover the new features of the game.

All the above games are the best games for android phones picked out by considering the gamer votes from all around the world. Even if you want to include your best games in top three listing then you can simply suggest us in comment box. Now it’s time to select your best multiplayer android games then later with your suggestions this article is anticipated for future modifications.