best mobile apps

Best Free Apps For Android Smart Phones

Did you just purchase any new android device? Whether it maybe a Samsung S4 or Sony Xperia Z? Probably you just got good screen looks and font looks good then? What you need? A better collection of terrific apps can even enhance your phone. Therefore, I have decided to help you for searching the best collection from the millions of apps.

best mobile apps

Here are some top free phone apps for android platform:

Essential apps          

Bar code scanner

The name of the app seems to be simple though it is so powerful one. Once you start the app then you have to point a Bar code and then it scans that code and provides the relevant details about that code.

An E-Reader App

This is like an eBook where you can find millions of books and from that, you can download any one that depends on your taste. If better get a sweet deal for that book and I prefer mostly Amazon’s kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Google Books app. You can find numerous free eBooks on net or else set a best deal to buy a priced one.


It is one of the best mobile apps, which let you to identify the songs. If you are Verizon customer then this app is pre-installed in the device. If you hold the phone near any speaker for 10 to 20 seconds then this app help you to identify that song and provides all details about that song even the release date of the song. If you cannot remember the name of the song then it is no problem, with the help of this app you can easily remember the songs.

Advanced task killer

If you failed to install this app into your phone then you should recharge your phone for every 3 to 4 hours in the day. This app helps you to save the battery life by closing the unused apps in your phone. If you accidentally left any apps running in the background then this app identifies the running app and closes the idle apps.

Best mobile apps- entertainer

You can even install some entertaining apps into your android device because it helps to kill your time in effective and funniest way. If you ever stress then try this apps and it will really works to drop your stress.  You can find many best free apps for android devices on internet you can make use of those websites to download best mobile apps


TMZ is one of the best entertainers because it brings the latest celebrity news and gossips. These stuffs are very interesting and keeps you stick up this app for more hours.


Want to convert your android device to shooting equipment then AK-47 app will help you! Download this game and surprise yourself by discovering how it works!

TV Guide mobile

It is a good source to know the TV related articles.  This is an ultimate guide to maintain up to date with TV related stuffs.

Fandango Movies

This one app will surely satisfy all your movie needs! Immediately download this amazing app and make it as your best one.

You can download lot more best free apps for android phones from the Google Play Store.