Free apps for android phones

Best Free Apps For Android Phones Available On The Android Market

Even though most people hold android devices, they supposed to have the ideal apps on their phone. This is because they don’t have the proper guide or proper sources to know the best one among the millions. Probably you do not worry about that because you are in the right place to know the best apps for your phones perhaps I’m sure that this will help you to empower your handset.

Free apps for android phones

Essential free apps for android phones- Must have apps

The essential apps help to enhance the power of the handset and all people should install these following apps in order to make your handset as powerful as you like. The free apps for android phones are listed by considering the people voting and the best one’s are picked up and briefed in front of you.

  • Compass
  • Handcent SMS
  • Facebook
  • Ringdroid
  • Places Directory
  • Barcode scanner
  • Shazam


I hope you are surprised on seeing this app in the list. Perhaps many people do! Well it is not just a usual app as you think. It not only tells the directions but also it is packed with many features so that it sticks with the top list. This app uses the GPS feature and tells the direction then in addition it even tells the speed at which you are traveling. This is calculated by coordinating the location and time. Then most importantly, it has the potential to save you at the time when you are trapped to some mysterious places.

Handcent SMS

If you really want to sent SMS and MMS on your android device, don’t you get what I am asking? I mean want to send SMS easily. Then the Handcent SMS app makes your process easily with its new look and surely, it will take you to next level in messaging. I hope that when you installed this app in your phone then you will wondered on yourself by thinking, how I survived without this app up to now! This is one of the must have cell phone apps.


I know I don’t want to waste my time in explain about this app because all are familiar with this one. All I have to say is that, android has an official Facebook app. I hope it’s enough!


If you want to create your own ringtone then perhaps you can make use of this app. This app even helps you to edit the audio files quickly and effectively.

Places Directory

This is one of the best cell phone apps available freely on internet. This app helps you to identify the nearest gas station, stores, shopping malls, theaters and even more by considering your location. This app is designed simply but it deserves a lot.

Barcode scanner

I am still wondering on developers about how they get these mobile app ideas. Perhaps most people scratches their mind like me when they saw this app! This is a scanner that lets you to identify the product details by simply scans the bar code (you can find this on every authorized product).


It is not possible to list the best cell phone apps without this app i.e., shazam. Everyone loves music and hope you will do! Then probably you didn’t need any clarification on this app but for minorities I have to say! Shazam helps to identify the song that it played nearby you. This also lets you to download the songs and surprisingly it is available at free of cost.

The list of best free apps for android phones may vary on later according to the new releases.