best game for android

6 Best Free Games For Android

Though there are many platforms for mobile operating system, the one ultimate platform can be none other than the Androids. Though there are, many games some best android games free win the heart of millions.  This article will list you some of the best games that you can install for your android device right away. These are the best time killer games. Let us look in detail about them.

best game for android


Free Game For Android

1. Temple Run 2:

This is the best game for android, which is ultimately fun and exciting. It is even better than the previous version. Installing this particular game on android will not have any issues as it runs completely smooth without hassles. The audience has rated this game with 4.6 stars. This free game for android literally requires a memory size of 30 MB with an android version of 2.1 or later.


  • Wonderful new graphics
  • Gorgeous organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • Enhanced power-ups
  • Bigger monkeys
  • More achievements
  • Special powers in each character

2. Angry Birds Rio:

This is the best free game for android. It is completely exciting and interesting to play this game. There is no need for introducing angry birds to you, as it is too popular. This is a physics based game and this is why it is interesting to fiddle with. Even this game is rated with 4.6 stars and requires a memory space of 33 MB.


  • Exciting 210 levels
  • 42 bonus levels
  • Hidden fruits
  • 7 ultimate episodes

3. Bunny Shooter:

This is the best free game for android to fiddle your device with. It has earned 4.7 stars. It requires 12 MB memory to install and android version of 2.1 or above. The features of this game are just amazing.


  • New 60 levels
  • Any age group can play this game
  • Amazing challenges
  • Detailed and cute graphics
  • Precise and simple controls
  • You can collect as many stars you want

4. Road Warriors:

This is the best android games free that rates 4.8 stars and is completely exciting to play. It is free only for limited time. It has also won the best gaming awards in 2012. The memory as well as the android operating system requirements differs with the kind of device you have.


  • It supports 7 multiplayers in online
  • It executes perfect stunts and flips to get those coins
  • There is wide range of car options as well as trucks
  • Different kinds of races
  • Impressive high definition graphics
  • It is completely addictive since it is fast paced

5. Fruit Ninja: It is an action game involving all sorts of fruits. You have to just touch them to chop them to gain scores. It is just one slash to destroy all the tasty and sweet fruits. It rates 4.5 and requires 30 MB space to install. A great time killer game needs an android operating system version of 2.3.3 or above.

6. Bistro Cook 2: This game requires a memory space of 4.3 MB with an android operating system version of 1.6 or above. It is one of the best android games free to play with. It is far better than the prior version.


  • There are new foods
  • High definition graphics
  • Cooking carries out in two different modes: boil and fry
  • Difficulty rises with 3 ultimate levels
  • There are fresh categories in drinks
  • This game supports almost all the screen sizes that is for phone as well as tablet
  • You can even post the scores on Facebook